Two sets

On this the last day of October, day 31 of 31, I recited the blessings with Asa immediately after we woke up. For perhaps the first time ever, I spoke them with no melody at all. Asa loved it. I am pretty certain he can tell the difference between Hebrew and English, and he's fascinated and delighted by the Hebrew words.  He even frequently applauded at the end of each blessing. (He was also in a very good mood!)

And I too was delighted to bring in the morning with him in this way. I rubbed my eyes for the awakening blessing, stretched with the words "stretched forth," moved freely with "sets the captive free," got out of bed and stood up with "straightens the bent," started walking with "makes firm a person's footsteps," and so forth.

And then a bit later, I was in the car driving to Caratunk  for a walk, and I wanted to move through the blessings again, this time singing. Why not do them twice?!

At Caratunk, there were plenty of signs of the recent storm, most notably lots and lots of water rushing down the stream and spilling out into the wetlands that surround it. The leaves are mostly down now, and the openness was almost startling. I wandered through another feeding flock, and this time I could see them all so easily as they flew from branch to branch. Only the beech trees retain their leaves, and they bright gold. Oh so lovely!

This month of writing about the morning blessings has also been lovely. Attempting to put this practice into words has deepened the practice and sharpened my focus. I feel no need to stop. I have a number of ideas about what might come next...

Baruch atah adonai eloheynu chey ha'olamim oter yisrael betifarah. Blessed are You, the Beautiful, Our God, Life of All the Worlds, who crowns Israel with Splendor.

Blessed are You, Loveliness, Our God, who brings us the beautiful month of October!