Papa Nate

my cousin Paul and sister Sarah with our Papa Nate
Memorial Day 1979
Today is Papa Nate's birthday, and in celebration I looked through my oldest photo album. I took this photo of him with my first camera, and I think it captures a little of Papa's "us kids" attitude. How we loved hanging out with him!

Papa's name is Nathan Abraham Moscovitch, or in Hebrew Natan Avraham. Natan means "he gives," and I often think of him whenever I use the Hebrew word noteyn, which appears twice in the blessings.

My morning blessings today were silent at the end of a welcome nap. It was different to recite them silently but I managed to concentrate reasonably well, and it was very peaceful. Allowing the wholeness of the blessings to reside in the unspoken is a little like memory. And along with the words of the blessings, I also could hear Papa saying, "Well, hello, Rosanna!" It is a memory of his voice that I can always conjur up, and that I treasure dearly.

Baruch atah adonai eloheynu chey ha'olamim hanoteyn lesechvi vinah lehavchin beyn yom oveyn lilah. Blessed are You, the Provident, Our God, Life of all the Worlds, who gives the bird of dawn discernment to tell day from night.

Blessed are You, the Loving One, Our God who gives us beloved grandparents.

Baruch atah adonai eloheynu chey ha'olamim hanoteyn layaef koach. Blessed are You, the Renewing One, Our God, Life of All the Worlds, who gives strength to the weary.

Blessed are You, the Eternal, Our God, who keeps our loved ones near through vivid memory.