Blowing Leaves

Asa and I took a walk this morning under a soft blue sky anad gentle warm sunshine. He sat tall in the stroller, surveying the scene with a princely air. I sang the blessings using the same melody as yesterday, moving through them a little more rapidly than usual, one flowing directly into another.

The wind picked up as we walked, and I listened to the sound of the the wind in the drying leaves still in the trees, the sound of the leaves falling gently, and the sound of the leaves already on the ground blowing around. It's a certain sound, an October sound.

Baruch atah adonai eloheynu chey ha-olamim hanoteyn lesechvi vinah lehavchin beyn yom uveyn laylah. Blessed are You, the Provident, Our God, Life of All the Worlds, who gives the bird of dawn discernment to tell day from night.

Blessed are You, the Source of All, Our God, Life of All the Worlds, who gives me discernment to hear the particular sounds of each season.