Always Changing

Another morning walk with Asa. Today we go one street over to where we can overlook the Seekonk River in all its glory. It is a calm, bright morning, still yet fluid. In this season of change, each day looks a little different from the last.

The river too is always changing. The tide ebbs and flows, the breezes and currents paint different patterns on the water, and the birds dot the surface busy with their comings and goings. Staring out over this wide expanse, I recognize the larger rhythms and patterns of which I am but a small part.

Baruch atah adonai eloheinu chey ha'olamim matir asurim. Blessed are You, Redeemer our God, Life of all the Worlds, who makes the captive free.

Blessed are You, Source of All, Our God, who keeps things constantly changing.