#BlogElul 21: Change

Change is the name of the game around here this month. Both kids are at new schools, and we're working on getting used to new routines. Big changes are coming for me too as I make transitions in my work life. 

Over the weekend, we had an unplanned trip to the beach where I watched some gulls stand in the breaking waves. They stood steady for long stretches but also floated easily when larger waves came in. And of course, they flew to another stretch of beach when pesky people got too close.

I took some photos of one of the gulls in the waves by setting my camera to shoot a whole series in quick succession.  I've been having fun staring at the photos and the subtle changes from frame to frame. Sometimes I can hardly see the change, but when I scroll quickly through the photos, the motion is completely obvious. 

Something about paying close attention to the waves is so reassuring to me. Constant change can be lovely and welcome. And maybe I can be like the gull, agile and purposeful, alert yet completely at home amid both the subtlety and the relentlessness of change.