#BlogElul 20: Judge

I've run out of steam here. I am tired and words escape me. I lack inspiration.

My internal critic, that resident judge, isn't comfortable with not finishing what I started. It nags at me to write every day, post every day. It is worried about skipped posts. It is already planning how and when I might return to them, to fill in the holes.

Even more insidiously, the inner critic is wondering why on earth I am letting its voice be so loud. Haven't I learned anything about how to be more gentle with myself already? Sigh. 

I let that sigh turn into a deep breath. I uncross my legs and sit a little taller in my seat. I let my shoulders drop and my jaw unclench. I follow some breaths up from the base of my spine and down again. I listen to the slow sound of the crickets on this chilly evening.

I invite the judge to take on a different personality. I envision a kind and wise judge, smiling at me, encouraging me. We laugh together about how silly I can be.