Collage, Early Spring 2010

Collage, Early Spring 2010

I made this collage around the end of the first trimester, when I still thought the pregnancy was proceeding normally. I finished it and set it on my piano, where I would look at it frequently. I liked having this collage around, and I took in its every detail especially as I played the piano. This collage accompanied me through the remaining weeks of the pregnancy, and always seemed to reflect my experience, even as everything changed and became more and more difficult. It soothed me, as it helped to hold what was going on within me: my fatigue and growth, my fears and hopes. It always seemed to tell my story:

I am tired and need rest. 

I am swathed in a flowing blanket, placed exactly where it is needed.

I have a growing, rounded belly. 

My baby and I are surrounded by love.

Much is going on inside me: the waves of the ocean, a perfectly formed baby, and who knows what else! 

I am here with it all. 



Day 3 of 31 ~ 30 Tishrei 5774