Two Tunes

On another beautiful morning, as we move towards late autumn with the brilliant orange leaves falling fast, the oaks beginning to turn, and more of a rustle to all the leaves, we wonder at the warm temperatures. It's lovely but unsettling.

As I wait for a melody to emerge, I am not sure what character it will have today, and I am surprised to find a mournful simple tune. The intervals send a tingle up my spine, and I know that it is exactly as it should be even if surprises me.

After a stop on my way into work, I finish up with the rest of the blessings and wonder what I want to do next. Suddenly a second tune comes tumbling out, this time much more hopeful. And so I repeat the blessings in this new mood.

And sure enough, something that was troubling me as I made my way across town, that made me want to weep at my first stop, came to a happy resolution as soon as I entered the office, mirroring the change in tune.