On this Friday morning, I sang the blessings while cooking in the kitchen, Asa busy too on the floor by my feet. This is the best kind of busywork, and I am aware of busy-ness. The business of doing what we are meant to do. Working with our hands and feet, singing and cooing as we work, glad for the companionship but each independent.

The bright morning sun shines on our work, and I am aware of the bountiful nature of this time, grateful for the harvest that brings us our food, grateful for the growing boy so curious about our world, grateful for the light of the sun, grateful for my voice and the music it conveys, grateful for the words of my tradition. Blessed, oh so blessed.

Baruch atah adonai eloheinu chey ha'olamim she'asa li kol tzork. Blessed are You, the Generous, Our God, Life of all the Worlds, who acts for all my needs.

Blessed are you, the Bountiful, our God, who grants us great abundance.