#BlogElul 12: Trust

The prompts for Elul 11 and 12 this year are exactly the same as the prompts for those same days last year. Turns out so were Days 8-10 too, but I didn't notice. For some reason, days 11 and 12 caught my attention, and I stopped trusting that I was on the right track. I checked, double-checked, and triple-checked that I had the right prompts. I think I finally feel confident that I do!

I worry about all sorts of things in a similar fashion. Sometimes my worries are valid, and more often there is no need to worry. I'm not alone. People around me worry too, a lot, about a whole lot of things that turn out just fine.

The next few weeks are filled with opportunities to worry. Big worries. The kind that keep me up at night. I know I cannot turn those worries off completely. Instead, I am going to try to breathe in, naming the worry, fully acknowledging it, and then breathe out, focusing on trust.

Breathe in, noticing how tight the worry makes me feel.

Breathe out, expanding into the idea that all is well.

Breathe in, finding that the worry no longer fills every space.

Breathe out, sinking further into the expanse of what trust has to offer.

Breathe in, feeling the rush of the waters.

Breathe out, trusting that I can also find calm waters.

Shavua Tov. May it be a good week.