#BlogElul 5: Know

My teenage son and I like to joke about a few "universal truths" about the nature of our relationship:

  1. He knows everything.
  2. Everything is my fault.
  3. I am an embarrassment simply because I exist.

These lines help us laugh through some of our harder moments, and while they are certainly not true, they also contain a certain truth. They reflect his ability to step outside the teenage mindset, however briefly, and to tap into a deeper knowing.

I remember a time when I too thought I knew everything. Or at least I was so certain about everything I knew. I think that attitude peaked somewhere during my college years and ever since then, I've been on a journey of knowing less and less. I recognize how little I know, how complex everything is, how many different points of view there are, and how much is simply unknown. And then, even that recognition becomes too certain, and I learn once again how much I simply do not know and cannot imagine.

At the same time, I am growing into more and more of the deeper kind of knowing. The knowing that isn't quite knowledge. Maybe it's wisdom. Maybe it's humility. Maybe it's just a willingness to be open to the vast unknown. It is in those spaces that once in a while I know that it is possible to catch a glimpse of knowing God.