Counting the Omer

As the sky fades and the second day of Passover begins, so the counting of the omer begins. I have been hard at work making the little omer books I share with friends and family who join me in this spiritual practice that I have come to love.

I do not know where this year's omer practice will take me, but for now, I am simply trying to get started with the practice that I hope to continue through the next 49 days.

When I tried to think of what kind of image best represents Chesed shebe Chesed or the lovingkindness within lovingkindness, the first thing that popped into my head was my two boys together. I feel so much love for them both, and I love to watch them interacting, enjoying each other's company. 

This image is especially dear because they are sitting on the love seat that came from my grandparents' home. My sister and I too loved to sit on this loveseat, and my grandparents fully embodied chesed in the way they made me feel so very loved.

16 Nissan 5774 * April 15, 2014 * Omer Day 1