Wednesday mornings are the time I set aside for myself -- for appointments, for walks in the woods, for meditation, and sometimes for extra sleep. Today was a picture perfect fall day, a day when the woods call out to me. Instead, I had to spend a while at the mechanic (broken seat belt) and at the doctor's office (physical).

Between appointments I fit in a brief walk and caught what at first seemed to be just a tiny glimpse of the bay. The overgrowth on the side of the path was impressive, sometimes almost completely blocking the view. I found myself drawn to the clutter and tangle. It presented me with a choice of how I wanted to view my surroundings:

Many days my life feels like the messy tangle, and the critical voices can be loud, yet I am also learning to find the glimpses of the water and sky, the bits of beauty, and breathe into them, letting that little bit of spaciousness be enough. Of course, I never argue with a view like this either!


21 Tishrei 5774