Chag Sameach! 

This evening is the second night of Sukkot, and we celebrated by eating our second meal in our sukkah, which James constructed out of broken fence parts as an add-on to our deck. It is our first time having a sukkah and attempting to celebrate this holiday somewhat properly. (We used to eat a meal in the fort part of the play structure in our backyard for one of the 7 nights of Sukkot.)

Each dinner has been quite lovely until the mosquitoes have come out in force, and we beat a hasty retreat!  

We may try to go back to the sukkah later this evening, with the hope that the mosquitoes are dusk-loving creatures and will leave us alone in the dark. The weather couldn't be lovelier and I look forward to sitting outside under the moonlit sky, listening to the chorus of crickets. 

Sukkot Corn.jpg

16 Tishrei 5774