#blogElul 5: KNOW

What do I know? More and more but also less and less...

...I know that time seems to be speeding up. 

...I know that these days with my sons are precious. 

...I know that these days with my parents are precious. 

...I know that I miss my grandparents, especially in the summer. 

...I know that I have seen little of the world. 

...I know that I am an incredibly fortunate person, blessed with many types of wealth.

...I know that I crave solitude, silence, order, and calm. 

...I know that I overflow with interests, ideas, and projects. 

...I know that life is full of paradox and it is possible to hold opposites. 

...I know that I am deeply in love with Judaism. 

...I know that the word "God" is still uncomfortable to me but hundreds of other names have helped me find words for my experience of God. 

...I know that "Be still and KNOW that I am God" (Psalm 46) is one of my favorite lines for meditation. 

Be Still and Know that I am God. 

Be Still and Know that I am. 

Be Still and Know. 

Be Still. 



#BlogElul for 5 Elul 5773