Quick Update

Between a weekend jaunt to New York City with my mother to attend my aunt's art opening and a cold that has my family in its grip, blog posts are taking a back seat. Nevertheless, I didn't want 11.12.13 to go by without some official mention. Cool date, huh?

While in New York, we had dinner with a cousin who has been doing a lot of research about family history. Her parents were born in Galicia, Poland, and survived World War II by making their way to Soviet Georgia. Quite a tale! We also spent a while at brunch with my aunt and uncle reminiscing about our trip to Eastern Europe. It was fun to remember with them and to fill in some details that I had forgotten.

When I'm feeling better, I'll be back with more. 

Until then, a photo of Grand Central Station taken with my new camera!

Grand Central Station, 11.10.13

Grand Central Station, 11.10.13

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