Mesmerizing Water


As time has passed since Halia's stillbirth, I find that in moments of grief, my mind often returns to the Pacific Ocean, to the peace I felt during our vacation in California in April 2010. I had plenty of time that week to sit quietly and allow myself to be mesmerized by the waves, by the endless movement of the water, by the colors and the patterns. It is a great comfort to me that Halia and I shared that time.

When I went looking for photos from our trip in preparation for writing these blog posts, I was surprised to see so much action in the water. My memories are of such a peaceful, restful, and spacious time, and I somehow expected more tranquil photographs. Nevertheless, these photos do manage to depict a little of what captured my attention and allowed me to relax into the beauty and vastness of the ocean.


Day 6 of 31 ~ 2 Cheshvan 5774